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>>> Photos Waziristan

A Scenery of Makin Area (South Waziristan)

Another View of Makin Oak Tree Forests (South Waziristan)

A View of Tip Mountain Near Makin (South Waziristan)

A View of Makin Lgad After Rain (South Waziristan)

A Bird Eye View of Makin Town (South Waziristan)

On the Way From Makin to Shawal (South Waziristan)

A Beautiful View of Shawal Pangay (South Waziristan)

A View of Preghal Mountain From Shawal.  It is the Highest Mountain in South Waziristan-11500 ft

Another View of Shawal (South Waziristan)

Corn Crop in the Shawal Area (South Waziristan)


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