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Winpashtu, developed by KHPALA PASHTO, is the software which enables your computer to fully support Pashto language if you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP and MS Office 2000 or higher package.

You may install, use, and run the SOFTWARE on a computer or workstation free of cost if:
a) It is for personal use, or
b) Used in offices by Government of North West Frontier Province (NWFP), or by Government of Balochistan Province, or
c) Used in offices by Government of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, or
d) Used in educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) located in NWFP, Balochistan, or Afghanistan, or
e) Used in other non profit organizations in NWFP, Balochistan, or Afghanistan.

You can use this software for commercial purposes and/or any other purposes that are not listed in the above paragraphs only after paying the following registration fees:
Description Price
Single use license US$ 100
Up to 5 users license US$ 400
More than 5 users license Contact us for details

For more details see the Pashto Software License Agreement.

The software can be obtained from the download section.

This is a great software because:

1) This software is based on Unicode encoding scheme and so the files created with it can be edited and viewed in any of the windows 2000 versions as long as this software and Pashto fonts are available.

2) By enabling font embedding prior to saving the file in MS Office, the documents can be viewed and printed on a computer with Office 2000 even if this Pashto software and Pashto fonts are not present.

3) All the computer programmers are turning towards Unicode encoding. Therefore, your documents and other works like spreadsheets and databases would be completely compatible with all the future programs. It means that you will be creating permanent and standard data.

4) You can now easily write e-mails in your own Pashto language using Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. For details visit the page Pashto E-Mail

5) You can create beautiful WebPages in Pashto language just like the Pashto version of this site. Now you don't need to make image files if you want to put anything in Pashto language on your site.

6) It has many more goodies, which you will come to know about in other pages on this site.



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