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>>> Pashto Keyboard
No standard keyboard layout existed for Pashto language. There were certain layouts, which were basically either the Arabic layout or the Persian layout with mapping of the additional Pashto alphabet to certain keys. These keyboard layouts are developed by certain companies who developed the localization software for Pashto language.

These keyboard layouts are not efficient i.e. fast typing of Pashto language could not be done.  The alphabet Tah (ط), Zah (ظ), Sad (ص), and Dad (ض) are very rarely used in the Pashto language.  Therefore, these must be placed with shift state.  Similarly other alphabet also have different frequency of use in Pashto language when compared with Arabic and Farsi.

Therefore, KHPALA PASHTO conducted an in-house research on the frequency of the usage of each alphabet in Pashto language. After that KHPALA PASHTO produced keyboard layout for Pashto language.  The keyboard layout for Normal, Shifted state, and Ctrl + Alt state is shown in the following figures.

Some of the Arabic letters, which are not used in Pashto like Teh Marbuta (ة), Arabic Kaf (ك) etc. are also mapped to keys in the Ctrl +Alt state. This is done so as to facilitate the writing of Quranic verses using the same Pashto keyboard.

WinPashtu software uses these Keyboard Layouts.

Normal State Pashto Keyboard Layout
Shift State Pashto Keyboard Layout
Ctrl+Alt State Pashto Keyboard Layout


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