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>>> Pashto Fonts
Every language needs a suitable font that consists of all the characters needed for writing the language. Microsoft Windows contains several fonts for Arabic script. But these fonts, except a few of them, do not contain the extra characters required for Pashto language apart from the standard Arabic characters.  Therefore in order to enable Pashto text processing with Windows Programs, it is necessary to develop a Pashto font that must contain all the characters required.

Furthermore, there are several commercial software that claim to have support for Pashto Language. However, most of these softwares use custom encoding schemes for Pashto font development, and each one of these software has its own encoding scheme.  They are following no standard in this regard.

However, the fonts created by KHPALA PASHTO are based on Unicode standard encoding scheme. Over the last couple of years, Unicode has become a standard encoding scheme. Many environments such as Windows, Unix and many more have switched to Unicode encoding. Windows 2000 and Windows XP are completely based on Unicode.

Currently, KHPALA PASHTO has a total of seven fonts. These are all true type fonts based on Unicode encoding scheme. KHPALA PASHTO is working on more fonts for Pashto language and for producing other font faces such as bold and italic.

You may install and use these fonts free of cost for personal use only. However, you can use these fonts for commercial purposes only after paying the following registration fees:

Description Price
Single Use License (only one font) US$ 35
Single Use License (all seven fonts) US$ 150
Up to 5 users License (only one font) US$ 125
Up to 5 users License (all seven fonts) US$ 500
More than 5 users Licenses Contact us for details

The file(s) can be downloaded from the Fonts Download page.



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